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Meet Linda Kamille Schmidt

"Linda Kamille Schmidt: Fiber Space" @ Garvey|Simon Gallery in New York City (Chelsea)

I'm excited to announce my upcoming solo show in Chelsea!

Linda Kamille Schmidt: Fiber Space
June 27 - July 20, 2024

547 W. 27th Street, Suite 209
New York NY.

Opening Reception: June 27, 2024, 6-8 pm

Summer gallery hours: 

Tues. - Fri. 11am - 4pm & by appointment 

Please contact Liz at or 917-796-2146.

Color! at Warm Springs Gallery

August 1 - September 25, 2023 

Katydid Trail
Warm Springs, VA 24484


Serving as a visual ode to the resplendent hues of late summer, our third exhibit showcases the work of multiple artists, including some gallery favorites and one new artist: Linda Schmidt. Like the sun-kissed blossoms of a blooming garden or the radiant feathers of a migratory bird, the artworks on display all celebrate a vivacious palette. "Color!" promises to be a joyful journey into the dynamism of color, igniting the senses and provoking a smile in every visitor.

Upstate Art Weekend 2023

Upstate Art Weekend

July 21-23, 2023

Fri.-Sun. 12-6 pm



282 Mohonk Dr.*

High Falls, NY

(*use 310 Mohonk Dr. with Google Maps and look for signs where to turn in)

Returning to Upstate Arts Weekend @upstateartweekend for a 2nd year, Color Wheels is a project that evolved from a group chat. We are a NYC women's collaborative group who have traveled on overlapping paths in New York City’s art communities, and in our art practices. Color is an important element in our work. Some of us are very deliberate in our palette choices and some of us discover our palette through the source materials we employ. 

Partnering with Amelia Biewald, we are installing our pop-up show in her Army of Frogs Studio @armyoffrogsstudio, featuring 6 women artists.

Exhibiting artists: Patricia Fabicant, Linda Schmidt, Ellie Murphy, Elizabeth Riley, Sylvia Schwartz, and Jaynie Crimmins.

Windows @ Richard James Savile Row

Linda Schmidt -- installation in three windows at Richard James Savile Row, 461 Park Avenue, New York, NY. Up through December, 2023.

Richard James' radical approach to pushing boundaries of classic design, cut and colour is played out with exhibitions to provoke the senses, instigate curiosity in passersby and contribute to the cultural experience of the street.

Assembly Required @ Garvey|Simon


January 14 - March 5, 2023

Garvey|Simon Fine Art

538 San Anselmo Ave.

San Anselmo, CA 94960

Opening reception: Saturday, January 14, 6-8 pm

(San Anselmo, CA) Garvey|Simon is pleased to announce the opening of their newest California exhibition, Assembly Required. The show features eight artists who transform quotidian artifacts into beguiling assemblages. The works feature materials from safety pins and guitar strings to textiles and playing cards. Armed with various materials, each of these artists transforms the ordinary to extraordinary. Artists included are Ray Beldner, Joe Brainard, Joan Grubin, Tamiko Kawata, Linda Schmidt, Sharon Shapiro, Donna Sharrett and William Wegman. The exhibition will run from January 14th to March 5, 2023. Please join us for the Opening Reception, Saturday, January 14th, 6- 8pm at Garvey Simon Art, 538 San Anselmo Ave, San Anselmo, California, 94960.

For more information, contact Catherine Simon at 415-720-9252 or

Glow @ the Flinn Gallery

February 9, 2023 - March 22, 2023

Flinn Gallery
Greenwich Library
101 West Putnam Avenue (Second Floor)
Greenwich, CT

GLOW features four artists: Ryan Crotty, Susan Meyer, Linda Kamille Schmidt, and Audrey Stone. While the artists’ mediums differ, these 2D and 3D works intersect with themes of colors, transparency, process, and materiality. Light plays upon gradations of color creating works that glow, pulsate, and float in space.

Curator: Ellen Hawley

Matrixes @ Kate Oh Gallery


Exhibit Date: August 9 – 27, 2022
Opening Reception: August 9th, 6-8 PM

Kate Oh Gallery
31 East 72nd St. NYC
(On the corner of Madison Avenue)

Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 12–7 PM
T. 646-286-4575

Curator’s Statement

Matrixes, related to the Latin word for "mother," originally meant "pregnant animal" or "breeding female" and was later generalized to mean "womb." Matrixes include any nurturing or supportive setting or substance usually within the fields of math and the sciences.

The idea for Matrixes Small Works derives from ideas conceived of by Elizabeth Riley and Christina Massey. An inaugural show was in 2018 and curated by Riley at the Abrazo Interno Gallery at The Clemente, NYC.

Riley stated: This "female collaborative group ... has undertaken an experimental exhibition employing an open approach, rather than an umbrella approach. The artists ... have traveled on overlapping paths in New York City’s art communities, and in their art practices. While their artwork demonstrates a variety of strategies and materials, and they are from diverse backgrounds, they appreciate their commonalities in a hectic world and divisive cultural moment, and pass around hats as to the curatorial/organizational roles each engages.

Matrixes Small Works celebrates the diversity and overlapping paths of these artists. The Kate Oh Gallery provides the environment to allow these creative connections to evolve and flourish.

This show brings together female artists who nurture each other and connect through the lens of their personal circumstances. These artists employ their perceptions, intuition and creative powers to bring into existence new and honest work. 

Curator: Jaynie Crimmins

Color Wheels in Kerhonkson, NY

A pop-up show in a large rental truck featuring 7 women artists.

So say the artists: "The project evolved from a group chat. We are a NYC women's collaborative group who have traveled on overlapping paths in New York City’s art communities, and in our art practices. Color is an important element in our work. Some of us are very deliberate in our palette choices and some of us discover our palette through the source materials we employ."

The project will be installed in front of Mill & Main Provisions at 317 Main Street in Kerhonkson, where food and drink will be available. Exhibiting artists include Patricia Fabicant, Linda Schmidt, Ellie Murphy, Elizabeth Riley, Sylvia Schwartz, Carol Salmanson and Jaynie Crimmins.
Friday, July 22 - 12-7 PM
Saturday, July 23 - 12-7 PM
Sunday, July 24 - 12-7 PM

Free and open to the public.

Color Continuum

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 4th 6-9PM
Exhibition Dates: June 4th – August 28th, 2022


1609 Ord Way
Oceanside, CA 92056

The Royal @ RSOAA in partnership with TECHNE in Oceanside, California is pleased to present Color Continuum, a group exhibition featuring artists Nancy Baker, Gabe Brown, Jon Elliott, Jason Clay Lewis, Geoffrey Owen Miller, Elizabeth Riley, Jason Rohlf, Linda Kamille Schmidt, Suzan Shutan

A continuum of color forms when a beam of white light passes through a prism so that its component wavelengths are arranged in order. A spectrum is a condition that is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary across a continuum. The word was first used scientifically in optics to describe the rainbow of colors in visible light after passing through a prism. As scientific understanding of light advanced, it came to apply to the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

The Red Barn Studio Museum Artist Residency

I'm looking forward to being the Red Barn Studio Museum Artist-In-Residence from April 3-16, 2022. I will be installing several outdoor pieces while I'm there. I will also be working on small fabric pieces in the studio.

  • Red Barn Studio Museum, 212 S. Main St., Lindsborg, KS 67456 
  • Phone: (785) 227-2217
  • @raymersociety

Museum hours:

Saturday-Sunday: 1-5 pm

Monday: closed

Tuesday-Friday: 10am - 5pm

Please stop by to say hello if you are in the area! 

There will be an artist reception on April 8 from 5-8 pm.

Select: Volume 6 @ Garvey|Simon Art Access

Sixth Annual Exhibition of Artists Selected from the Gallery Review Program
An exclusive exhibition

December 1, 2021 – February 28, 2022

I'm honored to have been selected for the online show, "Select vol. 6," the sixth annual exhibition of work by emerging and mid-career artists chosen by director Elizabeth K. Garvey through the gallery’s innovative Review Program.

For more information and/or a list of available work,
contact Liz Garvey at / 917-796-2146

Light Show @ DeDee Shattuck Gallery

The Light Show

DeDee Shattuck Gallery
1 Partners' Lane
Westport, MA 02790

November 20 - December 19, 2021

Preview the Exhibit Here

Hours: W - Sat, 10 - 5, Sun 12 - 5

Opening Reception
Saturday, November 20, 5-7pm
Free and Open to Public, Mask Required Indoors

The Dedee Shattuck Gallery is pleased to present Light Show, a multimedia group show with work by Adam Frelin, Kristian Brevik, Linda Schmidt, Megan Mosholder and Steven Pestana. Each of these artists utilizes light—either artificial or natural light—as a key component of their work. This exhibition, beginning after Daylight Savings and leading up to the winter solstice, celebrates how we create light in darkness, how we gather together and around light sources as the ever-fascinating visual medium of people across time.

Photograph by Neil Alexander
Dedee Shattuck Gallery is located at 1 Partners Lane, Westport, MA 02790.
Wednesday - Saturday: 10 - 5pm; Sunday: 12 - 5pm
Artists' receptions and exhibitions are free and open to the public. For more information about this exhibition, to arrange an interview with the curator or the artists, or to obtain additional publicity images, please contact the gallery directly by phone or e-mail.
508. 636. 4177 /
Dumplings and Sugar Cookies, a jam session @ ArtPort Kingston

Nov. 13- Dec 18, 2021
Opening Reception: Saturday, Nov. 27, 5-7pm

ARTISTS: Erica Hauser, Linda Kamille Schmidt, Amy Morken, James Gallagher, Scott Ackerman, Suzanne Kiggins, Bradley Wood, Linda Colletta and others.

Our upcoming exhibition,“Dumplings and Sugar Cookies, a jam session” is tapping into the seasonal transition we are all feeling. As the weather gets colder and winter sets in, we snuggle up with warm drink and enjoy the “season of reflection”. Festivities are filled with family, friends and comfort food, followed by quieter times of contemplation and inward reflection.

Winter can to be the misunderstood season, some feel the grays skies, chill in the air and darkness to be a somber time. On the other hand some people find peace in the stillness of the landscape. Winter gives us an opportunity to slow down and observe what we see.

From abstract compositions to image based story telling, the exhibition, “Dumplings and Sugar Cookies … a jam session”, touches on a diverse group of artists hitting a cord with viewers. Suzanne Kiggins' paintings share an unseen experience showing a tension between order and chaos or internal and external worlds. Erica Hauser arranges shapes guided by an intuitive feeling for their points of connection- subdued and vibrant all at once. Linda Colletta uses loose compositions to explore desire and pleasure. Scott Ackerman's paintings are celebrated for being honest, raw, and relatable. Bradley Wood portrays a thoughtfulness that is open-ended. James Gallagher’s, collage series, “Life Cuts”observe the human condition with layering and puzzling of images. Linda Kamille Schmidt intimate textile works are layered with colorful transparent panels that interact with each other, creating a mix of hues and gestures. Amy Morken overlays images and figures in her drawings telling abstract stories in a stream of consciousness and a spontaneous impulse for the creative process.

Vibe @ ArtPort Kingston

Ongoing outdoor artworks and installations in conjunction with Artport Kingston.

ArtStream is a public celebration of art and nature along the Rondout Creek Riverwalk in Kingston, NY.

Vibe has been repaired and restored and is up for a 2nd season! It is near the ArtBuoy Space at 274 East Strand Street. Stop by ArtPort Kingston to ask for directions.


Un/Common @ The Yard (Williamsburg Bridge)


Curated by Audra Lambert

March 1, 2021 - May 27, 2021

The Yard (Williamsburg Bridge)

195 Broadway, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Open M-F, 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Embody @ The Ely Center for Contemporary Art
The Farm Show 2020 @ Tilly Foster Farm Museum (with Collaborative Concepts)
The Farm Show 2020
Tilly Foster Farm Museum
100 NY-312
Brewster New York 10509
September 5 - October 31, 2020
7 days a week from 10-4pm and during restaurant hours
Due to COVID-19, there will be no receptions

Tilly's Table on the farm offers dinners, Sunday brunch, and drinks.
Reservations are required.

Schmidt, Linda K., Shift, 2020, fabric and Lucite weights, ca 84" x 84" x 12"

U.S Embassy in the Republic of Palau

I am excited to announce that this piece will be on display at the US Embassy in the Republic of Palau as part of the Art in Embassies program (

Schmidt, Linda K, Rhyme, fabric, metal rods and custom brackets, ca 51" x 36" x 5"

Main Window DUMBO

Installation at Main Window in DUMBO

1 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY

February 21 - June 19 (Extended)

Opening reception: March 3, 2020, 6-8 pm (in building lobby)

Color Spectrum @ The Royal (RSOAA)

Color Spectrum
Curated by Jason Clay Lewis and Ilona Golovina

Nancy Baker, Jaynie Crimmins, Anastasia Komarova, Izabela Gola, Saskia Fleishman, Suzan Shutan, Linda Kamille Schmidt

Jan. 10th - Feb. 1st, 2020

Opening Reception:

Friday, Jan. 10th, 7:00-9:00 PM

The Royal @ RSOAA is pleased to present, Color Spectrum a group exhibition curated by Jason Clay Lewis and Ilona Golovina featuring the work of Nancy Baker, Jaynie Crimmins, Anastasia Komarova, Izabela Gola, Saskia Fleishman, Suzan Shutan, Linda Kamille Schmidt.

A spectrum is a condition that is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary, without steps, across a continuum. The word was first used scientifically in optics to describe the rainbow of colors in visible light after passing through a prism. As scientific understanding of light advanced, it came to apply to the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

  • A continuum of color formed when a beam of white light is dispersed (as by passage through a prism) so that its component wavelengths are arranged in order.
  • Any of various continua that resemble a color spectrum in consisting of an ordered arrangement by a particular characteristic (such as frequency or energy).

A spectral color is a color that is evoked in a normal human by a single wavelength of light in the visible spectrum, or by a relatively narrow band of wavelengths, also known as monochromatic light. Every wavelength of visible light is perceived as a spectral color, in a continuous spectrum; the colors of sufficiently close wavelengths are indistinguishable for the human eye.

For more information contact:
The Royal @ RSOAA :

Daydreaming @ Art Mora, Seoul, Korea
The Farm Show: Collaborative Concepts @ Saunder's Farm in Garrison, NY

Opening Reception on Saturday, August 31, 2019, 2-6 pm (rain date Sept. 1 or 2)

Mid-Run Reception on Saturday Sept. 21, 2019, 2-6 pm (rain date Sept. 22)

August 31 – October 26, 2019 at Saunders Farm In Garrison, NY.

Saunders Farm is located on Old Albany Post Road, the historic earthen highway of the original route between New York City and Albany. The property begins with rolling pastures and culminates on a majestic ridge with 360-degree views of the Hudson Highlands. Black Angus cattle roam free. Artwork sits in intimate woody glens to open fields and dramatic vast expanses defined by stone walls.

for more info:

Solar Garden

May 11 - June 9, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 11, 2019, 5:00 - 8:00pm

Readywipe Gallery
532 Main Street Holyoke, MA 01040

Sunday, May 12, 1-3
Friday, May 17, 12-3
Saturday, May 25, 1-3
and by appointment: or
dm @glass.margot

A solar garden is a community shared
solar array, with grid-connected partners.
The title of the show refers to both the
important role the presence of light plays
in both artists’ work, as well as the concept
of shared energy in their decades-long
friendship as artistic colleagues. Glass and
Schmidt both rely on light as an active
element in illuminating and animating
their work. They have also supported and
encouraged each other throughout their
parallel creative practices over the years,
and that shared energy has played a
strong role in the ongoing development of
their work.

Transcendental Pathway

Transcendental Pathway is a group exhibtion held in the gallery at the Empire Stores in DUMBO (Brooklyn, NY) curated by Christina Massey, creator of Woartblog.

Empire Stores Gallery, 53-83 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Featuring Artists:
Rachel Cohen
Deanna Lee
Christina J Massey
Elizabeth Riley
Christine Soccio Romanell
Linda Schmidt

Transcendental can be described simply as abstract. It has other definitions though from mathematical use, such as incapable of being the root of an algebraic equation with rational coefficients, (π for example), or as relating to an experience determined by the mind’s makeup. Six artists in this exhibit take on different approaches to that definition through their individual styles of abstraction, be that from their intuitive creative approaches to inspiration from mathematical equations.

Works will be on view until April 29th, 2019.

Free and open to the public.

Artists will also be present for DUMBO Open Studios April 27/28th 1-6PM.

Works on Paper at Art Mora in New Jersey

Works on Paper (A group show at Art Mora)

Opening Reception
Saturday, March 23, 6-8 pm.

Art Mora
222 Main Street
Ridgefield Park, NJ

Phone: 201-440-0006

Beginning: an exhibit at Art Mora Gallery in Seoul, South Korea
Atmospheric Perspective at Chashama 485 Madison Ave Space

Atmospheric Perspective:
Contemporary Approaches to a Traditional Technique
A Group Exhibition of artist members from the NY Artists Circle
Curated by Christina Massey
Opening Reception: December 21st, 6-8pm
Dates: December 21st, 2018 - January 19th, 2019

485 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022
Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 12-6pm
Closed on Dec 24th, Dec 25th, Dec 31st and Jan 1st
About the Show: 

Atmospheric or aerial perspective refers to the traditional painting technique of creating an illusion of depth or distance by making objects appear less detailed and typically bluer than nearer objects, traditionally utilized in creating realistic landscapes. It is described as the air and all the particles in it, from dust to pollution that lingers between the eye of the viewer to the distant object that is the subject.
Contemporary perspective of what exists in that air is vastly different however than in past eras. These artists touch on the subjects of smog and pollution, that our air is full of invisible wifi signals, consider thoughts and ideas as objects floating in the air, and inspect the connection to our larger celestial atmosphere which is full of satellites that can cut through all of that distance taking incredibly detailed photographs.
This exhibition takes a new approach to visualizing what exactly is the air we breathe and live in today. How that air shifts and moves through storms, thought forms and energetic waves and how everything from science to social philosophies creates that atmospheric haze that alters how we view our contemporary landscape. The overall exhibition will still highlight that gray and bluish tone of the traditional atmospheric perspective but with pops of an orange-copper glow symbolic of more modern sunsets. These color choices hinting at that technical artistic training and understanding each artist holds despite their choice to forego the traditional landscape in their imagery.
Artists Include:
Beth Barry, Fran Beallor, Yvette Cohen, Jane Dell, Karen Fitzgerald, Pauline Galiana, Elanor Goldstein, Peggy Klineman, Barbara Lubliner, Elizabeth Mead, Gammy Miller, Janie Milstein, Linda Lee Nichols, Anne Raymond, Phyliss Rosner, Andra Samelson, Linda Schmidt, Linda Stillman, Audrey Stone, Robin Tedesco

Solo Show at the Port Washington Public Library

Linda Kamille Schmidt
Circles, Staves, Sticks & Stripes:
Paintings and Fabric Installations

January 3 - 31, 2019
The Adler Gallery at the Port Washington Public Library
One Library Drive, Port Washington, NY 11050
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday -- 9am - 9pm
Wednesday -- 11am - 9pm
Saturday -- 9am - 5pm
Sunday -- 1pm - 5pm

(image: Spin, oil on canvas, 54" x 44")

Dreamin' at Art Mora in Ridgefield Park, NJ
Trill Matrix @ The Clemente Center

Opening Reception: Friday, December 7, 2018, 6-8 pm 
On view: December 7 – January 19, 2019 
Open Daily 3:30-7:00 pm

Trill Matrix, a lively show of sculpture and installation, is the premier exhibition of the eponymously named female collaborative group. Curated by Elizabeth Riley, Trill Matrix is on display at The Clemente’s Abrazo Interno Gallery in the heart of the LES gallery scene. Artists include Nancy Baker, Jaynie Crimmins, Christina Massey, Elizabeth Riley, Christine Romanell, Linda Kamille Schmidt and Etty Yaniv. These artist use paper and paint, glass, fabric, pattern, light, repurposed beer cans and promotional mailings, and digital technology to speak about the pressing issues of the contemporary moment.

Abrazo Interno Gallery at The Clemente
107 Suffolk St, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10002

"Civil Discourse" at the Kibbee Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia

"Civil Discourse"
A Group Show Curated by Jaynie Crimmins

November, 2018

KIBBEE Gallery
688 Linwood Avenue N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30306
Phone:(404) 839-0331 


"But at a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized - at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who think differently than we do - it's important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds." -- Barack Obama

Civil Discourse creates a visual dialogue challenging us to move beyond the historical and current divisiveness of red state/blue state politics and the turmoil our country is presently experiencing. 
NYC and Atlanta artists, each pursuing a studio practice that connects in surprising ways, shift the present angry and finger-pointing discussions to one that finds common ground. Unbeknownst to these artists, the works they create are in conversation with each other.  Many works are not mirror images and their relationship to one another might not be immediately evident. Civil Discourse connects these artists through imagery, treatment of subject matter, materials, technique or concept and celebrates the collective dialogue discovered in their art.

Article: A Visit With Linda Schmidt

Photo by Catherine Kirkpatrick

Thanks to Catherine Kirkpatrick for coming to visit my studio and for her article on Art Spiel, a blog hosted by Etty Yaniv!

You can read it here:

Catherine Kirkpatrick:
Etty Yaniv:

Bridgette Mayer Gallery - Benefit Exhibit for Friends of the Rail Park
Allow me to Reintroduce Myself @ The Cigar Factory in LIC

Allow me to Reintroduce Myself
An Art Exhibition for the New Cigar Factory LIC
9-20 35th Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11106
Welcome Party: Thursday, June 21, 5 – 9pm
Refreshments will be served.
Please RSVP: by Monday, June 18 2018

Viewing Hours:
Thursday, July 12th: 3-7pm
Closing Party: Thursday, July 19th, 5 – 9pm

Interview by Christina Massey in WoArt blog

Thank you to Christina Massey for including her interview with me in her WoArt blog!

Among Friends @ 55 Washington Street, #257

Inspired by the Robert Rauschenberg artwork "Hiccups", seen last summer in the "Among Friends" exhibition at the MoMA, AMONG FRIENDS reflects and responds to the strength and illumination we find through art, friendship and community. 

The show will consist of over 100 pieces of 9 x 7" handmade paper, each worked on by a different artist, zipped together into one continuous, exuberant piece. 

Each individual piece will be for sale with 10% going to Planned Parenthood.

Saturday and Sunday, April 28 and 29th, 2018, 1 to 6 pm
In conjunction with DUMBO Open Studios
55 Washington Street, Studio 257, 2nd Floor

Mid Atlantic New Painting @ University of Mary Washington

Mid Atlantic New Painting 2018

Ridderhof Martin Gallery
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 25th 2018, 5-7pm
Exhibition on view: January 25- March 18th, 2018

The University of Mary Washington
1301 College Ave., Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Located on College Avenue at Seacobeck Street.
Regular hours: Tues-Fri 10am- 4pm, Sat-Sun 1-4pm
Closed during University holidays and breaks

The Greatest Show on Earth @ Sideshow Gallery in Williamsburg

Sideshow Gallery presents "The Greatest Show on Earth: Sideshow Nation VI", opening Sat Jan 13th, 6-9pm at Sideshow Gallery, 319 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn. Open Thu to Sun 12-6pm until Sun Feb 25. Directions -- L Train to Bedford Ave. Williamsburg stop then walk to 319 Bedford Ave. between S. 2nd & S. 3rd St.

The Big Small Show @ The Drawing Rooms

ArtistPostcards1 web
12/15/17 - 12/17/17
1/27/18 - 2/17/18
The biggest small works show in Jersey City
featuring over 100 artists from NJ/NY/CT/PA 

Drawing Rooms
180 Grand Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Gallery Hours

Fridays 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm 
Saturdays 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Sundays 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm 

Beauty on Paper @ Art Mora Gallery in NJ


November 11 - December 16, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, Nov. 11, 6-8 pm
Closing Party: Saturday, Dec. 16, 6-8 pm

ART MORA · 222 Main Street · Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 · USA 
for more information:

OPEN STUDIOS @ 44 Stewart Ave.

September 23 - 24 (Sat.-Sun.)
12 - 7 pm

Linda Kamille Schmidt
@ 44 Stewart Ave.

Studio #20

I will be opening my studio again for Bushwick Open Studios weekend. Please drop by!

44 Stewart Ave.
(alt. entrance at  203 Harrison Pl.)
Studio #20 - third floor
Brooklyn, NY 11237 (Bushwick)

"Mapping Brooklyn" @ Brooklyn Fireproof In-Case Projects

"Mapping Brooklyn" @ Brooklyn Fireproof
Curated by Jaynie Gillman Crimmins and Etty Yaniv

Opening Reception: Sept. 22, 2017, 6-9 pm

In-Case Art Projects is at the lower level of the Brooklyn Fireproof Building located at
119 Ingraham St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

For the annual Bushwick Open Studios (BOS) event, In-Case Art Projects at the Brooklyn Fireproof Building brings together 15 women artists who are presently taking active part in the neighborhood’s arts community. Besides working on their art in Bushwick, some of the participating artists take additional roles as curators, community organizers, writers, and gallerists; altogether keeping Bushwick on the map as a prominent and vital NYC arts community. 
Deborah Brown, Ellen Hackl Fagan, Liz Jaff, Anki King, Catherine Kirkpatrick, Deanna Lee, Ruth Liberman, Kay Sirikul Pattachote, JenJoy Roybal, Carol Salmanson, Hazel Lee Santino, Linda Schmidt, Shira Toren, Leslie Tucker, Etty Yaniv
Mapping Bushwick, Hours:
BOS weekend, September 22 to Septmeber 24: 11am to 6pm
The exhibition runs from September 22 till September 28, 2017

"Dreaming" at Art Mora in Seoul, South Korea

Opening on September 7 at
Art Mora Gallery in Soeul, South Korea.

Art Mora

For more information, contact Sunny Shin: